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Realtime collaboration

Realtime Collaboration

Kick off a test cycle in minutes with your developers, testers, or customers. Make it fun! Get realtime visibility into what's being tested, bugs being found, and who's testing.

Duplicate bugs identification

No duplicate bugs ever again

Did you know that the average cost of a duplicate bug is $200? Just think of the time it takes to understand a bug, reproduce it, search through thousands of bugs. So... What if we could just avoid them in the first place? Introducing bug matching.

Tools integration

Integrated with your tools

No worries, Qwushu integrates with your bug management systems. When a bug is submitted, it is seamlessly synchronized so that your developers have everything they need to reproduce the problem and fix it.

Software testers could learn a lot from the world of gaming. Turn on your heads up display and see the information you've been blind to. There's power in information. "

author James Whittaker Microsoft